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Apparently, not all people view the blog as an automatic career trainwreck. According to Lorelle's Blogging Yourself into a Job: Is Your Blog Your Resume, the blog is essential for your career. Lorelle supports this claim with Penelope Trunk's Blogs 'essential' to a Good Career. And I agree with Lorelle that blogs can be useful, especially if people are using them for their resumes.

However, I would say that a blog isn't enough. And how many people are using them for a resume? And not to sound like Ms. English Queen, but some of the writing out there is down right horrendous. Lorelle and Ivan Tribble's Bloggers Need Not Apply clearly disagree, and perhaps to blog or not to blog is field dependent.

However, I think the wisest decision I can make is to present the two issues in class before students set up their blogs. If I do this, they at least know the risks associated with blogging and employment and can make their own choices whether or not to be anonymous.

Being older, wiser, and so on, it may be my duty to guide them, but they are adults. If left up to me though, I'd insist on anonymity. Not that I think this will really shield them all that much in the future. I did a simple google search myself, and to my horror I found that my teaching blog is out there and does come up, despite the fact that I believed it to be anonymous. This isn't career breaking, as my teaching journal is focused and no one is identified in the entries. However, what's the point of anonymity if it really isn't?

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