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Given the choice between simply repeating a theme in an image or repeating the theme but adding it to it, I hope my students will choose to employ Blake's ideals rather than simply a picture. I realize I'm probably hoping for too much, and I'll be happy if the images actually work with the blog discussions they'll be sharing with myself and their classmates (not to mention the world at large).

To make this work, I'm going to need to show students the difference, and Blake may be a bit unapproachable for them. I'm not sure. I would like decent posts with images that reflect the theme or deepen it. I'm open to suggestions of great visual rhetoric, such as Haikushoe's Message from National Guard in Iraq.


  1. I’m almost speechless seing my blog referenced in another blog. I’ll send along the previously agreed upon payment for the link.

  2. LOL. I hope it doesn’t offend you. I think it’s a great example of what needs to happen in the classroom.

  3. Cool and no it doesn’t offend.

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