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To begin, insert your image with the insert edit image button. Or, if you've uploaded it into WordPress, simply browse all until you find the image you want. Then click and drag the image into the post.

Now that the image is in the post, you will need to click on the html button to access the code. Once there, you will want to find the image in the coding. It will look like this:

<img src="YourImageName"

To align the image to the right, you would need to add: align= "right".


<img src="YourImageName" align= "right"

To align the image to the left, you would add align= "left".

img src="YourImageName" align= "left"

You may also choose top, middle and bottom.

If you are working in WordPress, when you use the image button it will ask for the alignment and automatically set it for you. If you are working with web pages, you might want to keep the code handy.

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