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Patrick Lynch's and Sarah Horton's Web Style Guide, 2nd edition, is an excellent site, although they do broach topics we won't use in class. Still, we can gratefully use some of it.

The text is really the nuts and bolts of site design including information architecture and graphic design. It also discusses writing style on the web, and I especially appreciated the tips in Editorial Style. I think those who aren't really familiar with Writing for the Web would find this gem helpful.


And it's also something I would like to really get across to students. As Nancy commented, many students are familiar with some basic blogging practices and need to focus on style and design issues, both inherent to blogging and web design.

However, again there isn't a separate section on blogging. I have found one text that does both: Creating a Web Page & Blog, 6th edition. However, most of the book is caught up in creating a blog in code from sratch. We won't be doing this in class. However, there are some good tips on blog writing  and web design here as well.

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