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Professor Krause is correct; podcasting is hot, hot, hot. So, since my students created the first documentation for podcasting on our campus, does that make me a hottie? Hmmm….One of the first rules of graphic design and research on the internet is to avoid sites with excessive media, but my students might add podcasts to their clients' sites in Writing for the Web.

I do like that it won't automatically play, but I worry about the technology out there as well. Can our clients assume that their clients have high speed access? Probably many of them do, and it would position our clients' sites as "cutting edge," at least for the moment. I think the question we need to ask is whether or not our clients have a mac. It can be done without a mac, as my technical writing students demonstrated in their documentation for the Writing Center, but I think a mac would make it easier for clients once my students leave. And I don't even want to think about the fair use issues–not until I have to anyway.

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