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A firestorm over one-way blogging announces some of the top bloggers have turned off comments. I hadn't really considered the issue before reading the article.

Is it blogging if the comments are shut off? I think so, because a blog is essentially a journal genre. You're still sharing your thoughts and ideas, initializing a conversation with the reader(s). That being said, you do miss the other half of the conversation.


Traditionally, most writers work without live, instantaneous feedback, so I guess this is a decision individual bloggers will need to decide.

I've heard horror stories of bloggers encountering loads of spam, but I have yet to experience the phenomena. I will definitely insist that my students keep the comments function on during the semester, and later, if they choose to turn them off, they'll at least be making an informed decision.

I'd be interested to hear the choice other bloggers have made and why they made it; please feel free to share your thoughts.

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  1. Different perspectives: Marginal revolution, 37 signals, my blog.

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