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Rory O'Connor's Caution: Blogging May Be Hazardous to Your Job reports that corporations now see blogging, message boards and instant messaging software, such as AIM, as taboo for employees.

O'Connor discusses the disciplinary measures employees face for inappropriate emails and how those measures now encompass other multi-media, such as blogging.

In an eerie echo of an earlier post here, O'Connor points out that it is often difficult to judge what is appropriate content and what is not. O'Connor goes a bit further explaining few companies provide employee training for multi-media interactions, yet many businesses will still fire online misconduct.

In the past, I have focused on email etiquette and web design rules of behavior, but I will obviously be including blogging in writing for the web. In the future, I also plan to discuss appropriate blogging and instant messaging in technical writing and professional writing as well. After the article, I have no urge to teach my students not to blog, just to weigh their words with a deep appreciation for the consequences of writing.

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