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What’s the difference between a category and a page?

A category is a dynamic site–it’s changing with every post you write. Once you’ve created categories, such as Technical Writing, Writing for the Web, and W315, select which category to post to on the left hand side of the page when you write a post. Your categories will show up either on the left or the right side of the site, depending on which template you chose. It also controls your blogroll. Each category will have its own blogroll.

A page is a static site–the contents don’t change with each new post you write. Some bloggers re-title Pages to Sticky Posts, because they stick around on the main blog site. For example, if you have a post that receives hundreds of hits, eventually it will be buried in the archives. By creating a page, the audience doesn’t have to dig for it. I would consider a page a place to announce the purpose of the site, or to highlight your best posts.

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