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Bloggers link to one another through their Blogrolls.

To add a link to your Blogroll:

  • Choose Blogroll from the top tool bar.
  • Three links will pop up below the main tool bar: Manage Blogroll, Add a link, Import a link.
  • Choose Add a link. Type in the name of the site, the url, and a brief description if you like.
  • Be sure to select which category (on the left hand side) to determine where the link will be placed.
  • Click on save.

To edit your Blogroll:

  • Select Manage Blogroll.
  • Each link you’ve added to the Blogroll is listed.
  • Near the left-hand side of the page, you’ll see two links: edit and delete.
  • To edit the link, choose edit.
  • To delete a site from your Blogroll, select delete.


  1. So, once you’ve put someone in your blogroll, can that person see that you’ve done so? Also, I’m confused by your comment… ?

  2. Yes, your blogroll is visible. There is a way to keep a link from being visible on the blogroll, but since part of the blogging assignment is to build a strong blogroll for your topic, please keep them visible. Please see the links on the side of this page. That’s my blogroll.

    My comment was facetious. If you feel like you’re blogging too much, take a look at Blogger’s Anonymous. Smile!

  3. When I added two blogs with Add Link, an extra / appeared in the URL. I had to edit to fix them, weird intermittent bug.

  4. Did the extra slash keep you from getting to the websites from the blogroll? It really shouldn’t, but one never knows….

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