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Monthly Archives: October 2006

 In”Music in Hypertexts: Toward a Real Media Integration,”Francesca Chiocci argues music can create an hierarchy to guide readers through links and provide coherence to a site. Yet, by the definition provided by George P. Landow’s “The Definition of Hypertext and Its History as a Concept“, hypertext is pluralistic. It’s (re)written by each reader, and as Roland Barthes posits in S/Z, a hypertext is composed of signifiers, not signifieds (qtd. in Landow).

Can music provide a definitive signified in a hypertext medium? Should it? Even as we engage with technorhetorical strategies to create an hierarchy within a site, each link, each lexia, must remain independent. But if music could control a site, how might the writing change? Would it change?

Colorado State University offers excellent suggestions for collaborative writing. In the past, I’ve written collaboratively in several ways, including Divide The Writing Tasks and Gather to Write Together. These strategies work well, as long as you’re informed regarding the pitfalls of each type. What follows is a brief peek behind the scenes of each strategy.

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